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Elite Soldiers with the Elite trait will rather die than retreat.
Grenadier Soldiers with the Grenadier trait will occasionally throw grenades.
AT Grenadier Soldiers with the AT Grenadier trait will occasionally throw AT grenades at vehicles and structures.
Expert Grenadier Soldiers with the Expert Grenadier trait are more likely to throw grenades than normal troops.
Anti-tank Soldiers with the Anti-tank trait will prioritize enemy vehicles over infantry.
Eliminator Soldiers with the Eliminator trait will occasionally seek out targets with high priority values.
Accurate Soldiers with the Accurate trait will ignore damage reduction modifiers on pinned targets.
Flammable Soldiers with the Flammable trait are more likely to catch on fire.
Minesweeper Units with the Minesweeper trait will defuse any mines they come across.
Sapper Soldiers with the Sapper trait will occasionally throw Satchel charges at vehicles and structures.
Harasser Soldiers with the Harasser trait will occasionally target units in the rear lines.
Non-violent Soldiers with the Non-violent trait will not fire their weapons, and will combat only if forced into melee.
Support Soldiers with the Support trait will prefer to sit back and provide fire support.
Skirmisher Soldiers with the Skirmisher trait will attempt to move from cover to cover when advancing.
Engineer Soldiers with the Engineer trait are capable of constructing field defenses.
Garrison Soldiers with the Garrison trait ignore scan rate penalties inside of pillboxes.
Repair Specialist Soldiers with the Repair Specialist trait will occasionally repair field defenses within their immediate vicinity.
Medic Soldiers with the Medic trait will heal friendly soldiers when stationary.
Instructor Soldiers with the instructor trait will occasionally boost the combat skills and morale of friendly soldiers.
Radio Operator Soldiers with the Radio Operator skill will occasionally receive information from HQ and can call in support strikes.
Suppression Specialist Soldiers with the Suppression Specialist trait will drift their fire across multiple targets if possible.
Bike Troop Soldiers with the Bike Troop trait will not attack any targets and will not stop moving unless killed.
Forward Observer Soldiers with the Forward Observer trait can call in artillery strikes using their binoculars.