Special Forces Training

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Special Forces Training provides a soldier with boosted accuracy, melee, and morale, along with special weapons available only through Specials Forces Training. In Defense in Depth, Special Forces Training will send the selected soldier towards the next position. In Sector Defense, Special Forces Training can be applied to any soldier on field, without being sent off field, albeit at a higher cost.

Special Forces Training grants the following boosts:

Stat Minimum Value Maximum Value
Morale 8 15
Melee 8 15
Accuracy 8 15
Class Weapon
Automatic Rifleman Johnson LMG
Conscript Molotov Cocktails \ MP-18 Submachinegun
Bazooka Troop M9A1 Bazooka
Machine Gunner Stinger LMG
Sniper Garand Sniper Rifle
Medic Heroism1
Mortar Troop White Phosphorus Rounds
Raider M3 "Starlite" Carbine2
Commando Brush Rifle
Paramarine M18 Recoilless Rifle
Flametrooper M12 Body Armor3 \ Hand to Hand Combat Training
Warrant Officer Molotov Cocktails \ Type 23 Grenades
Sarge M1941 Johnson Rifle \ M9 Bazooka
Mad Jack Morphine Stash4
Non-weapon Specialists M1941 Johnson Rifle
  1. Heroism provides overhealing, doubled healing for soldiers with less than 0 hitpoints, and immunity to being suppressed/pinned.
  2. M3 "Starlite" Carbine can spot enemies further away under poor weather conditions.
  3. M12 Body Armor provides +100 hitpoints, reduces likelihood of being set on fire, and grants immunity to critical gas tank hits.
  4. Mad Jack's morphine stash allows him to automatically treat his own wounds.