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The melee stat represents the close quarters combat skill of a soldier. When attempting a melee attack, soldiers make a melee check, rolling a value between 1 and 100. If this value is less than the soldier's melee skill, then the attack is a success and a hit is scored. The melee stat is modified by variables such as the weapon in hand, being lead by an officer in a Banzai charge, and whether or not the soldier is in a Banzai state.

If a soldier has higher melee stats than his opponent, then he will benefit from melee advantage, increasing the damage of his melee attack. The value of this bonus is determined by the soldier's melee skill minus his opponent's melee skill divided by 100. For instance, if a soldier has 100 melee skill and his opponent has 50 melee skill, the additional damage from his melee advantage will be 50%.