Immediate Support

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Immediate Support is a special type of support call that can provide the player with powerful reinforcements. As with other support options, the player has have a signaler available to make the call. The base success chance for Immediate Support is 5%. Each wave reached (up to 100) adds an additional 1% chance of success. During a special wave, an extra 5% for success is granted for 30 seconds. Every friendly and conscious infantry unit subtracts 5% while every functional vehicle subtracts 10% from the chance of success. The success chance cannot fall below 5%. Immediate Support has equal chances of spawning the following reinforcement groups:

Name Composition
Paramarines Quick Reaction Force 4 Paramarines, 2 AT Paramarines
People's Platoon 12 Conscripts, 2 Martyrs, 2 Warrant Officers
ANZAC Recce Squad 5 ANZAC Diggers, 2 ANZAC Commandos
M4 Sherman 1 M4 Sherman
Armored Cavalry 2 M8/M20 Armored Cars, 2 Jeeps
Logistics Drop 5-7 Supply Crates