Holiday Medals

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Name Dates Available Requirements Reward Image
Thanksgiving Medal November 19th to November 30th Explode 5 turkeys. Muskets unlocked.
Thanksgiving Medal 3.png
Christmas Medal December 15th to January 7th Save Santa and survive until wave 100. Present Drops unlocked. Christmas Medal.png
Lunar New Year Medal February Survive until wave 60 with only Conscripts. Martyrs unlocked.
Lunar New Year Medal.png
Easter Medal March 28th to April 18th Collect 100 eggs. Holy Hand Grenade unlocked.
Easter Medal.png
Midsummer Medal June 20th to July 31st Send 20 veteran soldiers home. Sun Dial unlocked.
Midsummer Medal.png
Halloween Medal October 16th to November 7th Kill 100 Oni demons. Cleansed Demon Gate unlocked.
Halloween Medal.png