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The experience stat represents the veterancy of a unit and how well adapted they are to the battlefield. Experienced soldiers have reduced scan times, reduced pinned times, and faster passive ability rates. At 10 experience, soldiers will avoid throwing grenades at enemy soldiers in melee. At 20 experience or higher, soldiers will ignore unconscious enemies in favor of conscious enemies. At 30 experience of higher, soldiers will ignore fleeing enemies in favor of aggressing enemies. At 40 experience of higher, soldiers will ignore enemy armor in favor of aggressing infantry, unless possessive of the anti-tank trait. In addition, soldiers have a chance of throwing 2 grenades at 50 experience, when in possession of Grenades. Soldiers gain 1 point of experience for each unit they kill. Medics gain 1/20 of an experience point each time they heal another soldier. Signalers gain 4 points of experience each time they make a successful radio call.

Soldiers can receive up to a 25% increase to the max damage of their weapon, or a 1% increase in max damage for every 4 points of experience. Bazooka troops also receive up to a 25% decrease in scatter, or a 1% decrease in scatter for every 4 points of experience.

At maximum experience, Signalers, Officers, and Sarge will activate their passive event abilities twice as often.

Vehicles can receive up to 50% less scan time, reload time, and scatter on single shot weapons. Additionally, the multishot weapons, such as machineguns and the Duster's 40mm AA cannon, can gain up to a 50% damage increase.