Skirmish Line

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     Skirmish Line is a unique tower defense type set in the Pacific Theater during World War 2. Inspired by the classic flash game, Mud and Blood 2, Skirmish Line aims to provide players with a similar but new experience.

Available now on Steam Early Access.


  • Available for PC, Mac, and Linux.

  • Experience the War in the Pacific as a tactical commander.

  • Featuring gritty, hand-drawn art from Clark Bint Illustrations!

  • Soldiers react, from picking their own targets or even fleeing from the battlefield!

  • Build and arm your squad from a large selection of soldiers and weapons.

  • Train your squad across a persistent campaign, turning your green recruits into hardened veterans.

  • Request artillery and aerial strikes to wreck havoc on the enemy!

  • Construct a variety of field defenses, from trenches to minefields.

  • Earn ribbons and medals for accomplishing extraordinary feats, providing bonuses for future missions.

  • Fend off as many waves of Imperial Japanese attackers as you can in Arcade Mode.

About Us

     Skirmish Line is the first product developed by Snarky Ant, LLC, a two man indie game development studio. As avid gamers, we are excited and committed to producing a variety of games. We trace our game development career from the modding scene, with a good chunk of that experience derived from Operation Market Garden, a Company of Heroes persistency mod.


     Our artist, Clark Bint, works as a freelance artist. Many of his works are featured in various comics. If you have a moment, do check out his work at:

     Skirmish Line is inspired by the classic flash game, Mud and Blood 2. For other games like Skirmish Line, visit:


For business and support inquiries, please contact us at:

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